Bio Threat

Obtaining a good sample is a key part in dealing with a contaminated warfare environment. Because a detection system relies entirely upon the amount of pathogens collected in a sample, obtaining a quality sample is crucial.

The M-Vac provides much higher pathogen extraction rates than any other method (i.e. sponges, swabs, contact plates). It excels at each aspect of the sampling process:

  • Largest surface area per sample (up to 10 square feet, 9300 square cm)
  • Deep surface extraction of pathogens
  • Results comparable to excision or bulk sampling
  • Highest recovery of any sampling method
  • Greater sampling and detection confidence
  • Reduced probability of a false negative
  • Decreased lab time and fewer supplies

Bio Threat Benefits

  • The M-Vac was designed for use on virtually any surface that can be sampled with a swab, sponge, or contact plate.
  • The M-Vac provides a liquid sample which eliminates the need for elution processes.
  • The M-Vac is designed for collection of all types of warfare agents including but not limited to anthrax, ricin, botulinum toxin, and bubonic plague.
  • Exceptional results on porous surfaces.
Why Choose M-Vac?

Why Choose M-Vac?

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    M-Vac System's customers and other industry professionals are a valuable resource for information. Their experiences with the M-Vac through casework and testing are vital to understanding it.  This section is a collection of the articles, flyers, presentations and other news that have been published or presented.  They provide insight from M-Vac users and industry professionals who are independent of M-Vac Systems.  We cannot express enough appreciation for their input and insights!
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    The M-Vac System is a wet-vacuum based forensic DNA collection device that is helping investigators solve more crime. For a copy of the flyer click here.