M-Vac System

M-Vac System


The M-Vac™ utilizes wet-vacuum technology to collect DNA material from the surface.


The Support Equipment Case (SEC) supplies vacuum and pressurized solution to the M-Vac™.


The surface rinse solution (SRS) is engineered for the peak performance of the M-Vac™, the stable transport of the cellular material and for the uninhibited performance of the downstream processes.

Extension Tubing

The extension tubing connects the M-Vac™ to the SEC vacuum port and to the pressurized bag of SRS.

Concentration Filter

The concentration filter is used to remove the liquid from the sample and concentrate the cellular material onto a filter.


The M-Vac™ harness (MVH) allows the technician collecting the DNA to have a hand free to manipulate evidence during collection.


The SEC comes with a convenient handcart that attaches directly to it, allowing it to be moved like luggage.


The Pre-Filter system provides a way to filter out some of the excess debris that may have been collected during the sampling process.

How to Order

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Grants Information

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