Grants Information

Grants Information

Many agencies and labs have found that applying for and receiving grant money is a good way to finance their purchase of an M-Vac™ system. We want to help our customers learn where to look for these grant opportunities as well as how the process works. Grants are often available for only a short window of time (often two or three months from initial posting to the application deadline) so it is important to look at the websites often. There is also some preparatory work that can be done anytime in order to make the specific application process go faster once an opening shows up.

A change was made for grant applications for 2021 which involves having two deadlines for every application. The first deadline is with the and it is for submitting the SF-424 (a 3-page basic information form) and the SF-LLL (a 1-page lobbying activities disclosure) forms in The second deadline is for submitting the full application in JustGrants. You won't be able to submit the main application in JustGrants if the forms aren't already submitted.

Here are links to likely grants that are currently open:

  • Rural Violent Crime Reduction Initiative (RVCRI). Submission Deadline: "The RVCRI Team accepts applications in a rolling cohort format, so the RVCRI Application is always open! However, applications will be reviewed and awarded on a quarterly basis in: March, June, September, and December."  The Institute and BJA seeks "applications for a federal grant program that supports the development and implementation of problem-solving strategies that specifically address violent crime occurring in and affecting rural populations." Further, the Application Requirements describes one component as, "Deploying forensic evidence tools and services for identifying suspects or enhancing evidence, testimony, and victim outreach."  That matches the M-Vac's™ description and purposes. Further details are on the website linked above.
Here are some key places to look often for new postings. Several of these have the option to subscribe to a periodic email update service that helps you stay apprised of new openings.

Here are some websites that help explain the various government agencies' processes:

  • DOJ Grants Financial Guide - This Guide gives a lot of definitions and tips for all parts of the DOJ's grant process. Don't miss the first Appendix, which is a guide to all the government's acronyms, so you can keep your DHS apart from your HHS or know your BJA from your JABG!
  • OJP Grant Application Resource Guide - This explains a lot of the rules and regulations for applying for OJP Grants and even goes through the process step by step.The OJP is the first of three subsets for grants under the DOJ.
  • OVW Grants - A page that explains the process for applying for OVW grants. The OVW is the second of three subsets for grants under the DOJ.
  • COPS Grants - A basic page that explains the process for applying for COPS (Office of Community Oriented Policing Services) grants. COPS is the third of three subsets for grants under the DOJ.
  • - This robust site leads to several helpful blogs (linked on the Home tab) with articles of interest to those applying for government grants as well as to the Grants Learning Center (Learn Grants tab) and several other helpful webpages (various other tabs.)
  • Just Grants (Justice Grants System) - This website combines the resources for all three grant making branches of the DOJ mentioned above.
Here is an example of a recent grant that was awarded specifically for implementing the M-Vac™. We have the draft of the application and permission to share it, so it is available upon request.
We would appreciate feedback on your successes in getting grant monies awarded for purchasing the M-Vac™ System. Your tips could help others succeed as well.