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The M-Vac System enables investigators to solve more crime through better DNA collection. It helps detectives and crime scene investigators close difficult open and cold cases.  For example, the M-Vac found probative DNA on a cold case victim's water soaked clothing, allowing the case to move forward.  The M-Vac can help you move cases forward as well. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss the M-Vac with you.  Please contact us for more information or a free consultation.

The M-Vac wet-vacuum system collects more forensic DNA material from the evidence than traditional methods.  It sprays down and vacuums up a sterile solution from the evidence surface collecting the DNA material.  Better collection equals better DNA profiles and profiles that could not be obtained before.  It means more cases are being solved and detectives are moving forward both cold and active cases.

As a new and disruptive wet-vacuum collection platform, the M-Vac System excels at collecting microscopic particles, such as the cells found in saliva, blood or seminal fluids. It collects cells from a wide variety of surfaces like fabrics, carpet, tile, walls and other surfaces. The M-Vac is superior to swabs, tape, sponges and contact plates in efficacy, especially on porous surfaces. Whether you need to sample forensic evidence in a crime lab or collect DNA material from a difficult object or stain at a crime scene, the M-Vac provides a forensic DNA collection capability that previously did not exist, surpassing swabbing by as much as 100X.  Increased sensitivity and scalability are the strengths with this new collection device and sampling method, and MSI provides on-site training and consultation to cater to your sampling needs.

Referred to as a wet-vacuum sampling device, a vacuum-assisted instrument, a forensics vacuum and other descriptive terms, the M-Vac System is quickly becoming well known in the forensics field as the DNA collection method to turn to when obtaining a DNA profile is critical for the case, yet traditional methods such as swabbing, cutting and taping are not getting the job done.

The M-Vac System is also very effective in sampling meat or produce for pathogens, check environments for bacteria contamination or assure the absence of biohazards in biodefense.