M-Vac System

M-Vac System

The M-Vac™ System includes the M-Vac™ (M-Vac™ 100 and 200), the support equipment case (SEC 100 and 150), the sterile collection solution (SRS 1000), extension tubing (TB 05 thru 40) and a concentration filter (Filter 100).

The core of the technology is the M-Vac™.  It is a wet-vacuum DNA collection tool. It is sterile, hand-held and disposable.  It performs the collection process on the evidence surface.

Sampling Jacket

The SEC provides the power to the collection system.  It is a durable item that will last for years and it supplies the M-Vac™ with vacuum and pressurized solution.

The sterile collection solution is designed for the collection and suspension of cellular material.

The extension tubing tethers the M-Vac™ to the SEC.  It is sterile, durable, kink-resistant and allows the M-Vac™ to move away from the SEC to do collections.

The concentration filter is used to remove the liquid from the sample and concentrate the cellular material onto a filter.  Occasionally, the sample will include unwanted debris.  The sample may be pre-filtered before doing the final filter.

The M-Vac™ harness (MVH) allows the technician collecting the DNA to have a hand free to manipulate the evidence when doing a collection.

Please click the button below to see how all the products are used as Jared does a basic demonstration of how the M-Vac™ works.


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