The M-Vac System enables investigators to solve more crime through better DNA collection. It expands potential evidentiary items by collecting DNA from porous and rough objects or surfaces.  It helps detectives, analysts and CSI move cases forward.  For example, the M-Vac collected probative DNA on a cold case victim's water soaked clothing.  For a video demonstration, please click below.

Video Demo 

To learn more about the M-Vac®, please go to our webpage "Why M-Vac."  You will find answers to many of your questions, see examples of cases, review research and validations and much more.  The FBI presented a summary of their internal evaluation to date of the M-Vac®.  We look forward to their completed study.  The M-Vac is helping solve cases when traditional methods like swabbing, taping, scraping and cutting have yielded inconclusive or weak DNA results.  It is an effective and inexpensive crime fighting tool.  Please contact us for product information or for a case consultation.