FBI Research Reported in Forensic Mag

FBI Research Reported in Forensic Mag

Michelle Taylor of Forensic® reported in an online article on the recently published results of an in-depth FBI research study of the M-Vac®. The FBI compared wet-swabbing to M-Vac®'s wet-vacuuming on 22 different substrates. They further tested 10 of the substrates for how much DNA the M-Vac® could retrieve after a wet-swab sample had already been taken. The results were favorable for the M-Vac® in both cases on most of the porous surfaces: "Of the 20 porous substrates, the M-Vac yielded consistently greater nDNA yields than the wet‐swab method on all but two surfaces—cinderblock and unpainted drywall. Additionally, the amount of DNA recovered with the M-Vac was several‐fold greater—the vacuum system yielded an average of 12 times more nDNA and 17x greater mtDNA." The Forensic® article is linked below for more details. Taylor ends her article asking "...what is the price tag for recovering previously undiscoverable DNA that leads to a case breakthrough?"


Taylor, Michelle. FBI Study: M-Vac System Collects More DNA Than Swabbing. Forensicmag.com.  https://www.forensicmag.com/566802-FBI-Study-M-Vac-System-Collects-More-DNA-Than-Swabbing/

McLamb, Jessica M., Adams, Lara D., Kavlick, Mark F. Comparison of the M‐Vac® Wet‐Vacuum‐Based Collection Method to a Wet‐Swabbing Method for DNA Recovery on Diluted Bloodstained Substrates. Journal of Forensic Sciences. https://doi.org/10.1111/1556-4029.14508