Press Releases and Articles

Press Releases and Articles

  • Sheriff Adopts Latest Forensic DNA Technology with M-Vac
    COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA (PRWEB) March 28, 2016 Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott announced that the Richland County Sheriff’s Department has adopted a new forensic DNA collection method that will help solve crimes. The Department is the first crime lab in South Carolina to acquire the new, wet-vacuum based forensic DNA collection method.
  • DNA Evidence Collected By M-Vac Helps Solve 40 Year Old Cold Case
    In the Sharon Schollmeyers case, the M-Vac came through for us and produced a full DNA profile that we didn't have before, which led to the CODIS hit. Sharon and her family have been waiting almost 40 years for justice, and thanks to the latest in technology, determination and the hard work of many investigators over decades of effort we were able to bring this case to a close and provide the justice that Sharon deserves.
  • American Investigative Society of Cold Cases and M-VAC Systems Inc form Partnership

    American Investigative Society of Cold Cases and M-VAC Systems Inc form Partnership

    Kenneth Mains, Founder and President, The American Investigative Society of Cold Cases (AISOCC) and Jared Bradley, President, M-VAC Systems, Inc. announced that AISOCC has formed a partnership that will allow AISOCC to test evidence for law enforcement using the M-Vac's unique wet-vacuum DNA collection method. The M-Vac has been shown to collect up to 200X more DNA material than other methods and may enable AISOCC investigators to collect DNA where traditional DNA collection techniques could not before.

  • M-Vac System Plays Critical Role in John Brickman Wall Murder Case

    Unique DNA Collection Method Helps Investigators Solve Uta von Schwedler Murder

    SALT LAKE CITY—March 18, 2015—M-Vac Systems Inc., today announced the significant role the M-Vac played in collecting critical forensic DNA from a pillowcase found at the murder scene of Uta von Schwedler. The ensuing DNA profile matched former pediatrician, John Brickman Wall, Uta’s ex-husband. Investigators utilized the M-Vac’s ability to collect DNA material from the fibers of the pillowcase, generating DNA evidence that was vital in identifying the killer.

  • Philadelphia Police Office of Forensic Science Produces Impressive DNA Results with M-Vac System
    SALT LAKE CITY—January 15, 2015—M-Vac Systems Inc., today announced the Philadelphia PD Office of Forensic Science (OFS) has completed its first stages of comparison testing with the M-Vac System, producing impressive results. When compared to swabbing, which is the most commonly used forensic DNA collection method worldwide, the M-Vac System collected substantially more than the swab and resulted in balanced, full profiles. In a baseline comparison of collecting epithelial cells inoculated onto 12 inch by 12 inch cloth swatches, the M-Vac collected an average of 180 times more DNA.
  • SERI on Cutting Edge of Forensic DNA with M-Vac

    New forensic DNA collection technology can help solve more crime

    RICHMOND, CALIFORNIA — November 11, 2014—Serological Research Institute (SERI) announced today they are the first lab on the West Coast to offer a new, wet-vacuum based forensic DNA collection method. This new method has helped solve criminal investigations which were otherwise stalled or had gone completely cold. The cutting edge technology, called the M-Vac System, has been shown to collect higher levels of DNA material from a number of substrates when compared to traditional methods, often times enabling more DNA profiles to be generated. The expert criminalists at SERI want to initially use the M-Vac on cold cases and heinous crimes, but will utilize the M-Vac System wherever appropriate to help generate a DNA profile.

  • Wet-Vacuum Forensic DNA Collection Continues to Gain Support
    The M-Vac System is breakthrough technology that is helping investigators solve more crime. This article describes the history of the M-Vac in entering the forensic DNA collection industry and how it is making a difference in cases.
  • M-Vac Systems Signs New Partners as New Awards Pile Up
    M-Vac Systems Signs New Partners as New Awards Pile Up Wet-Vacuum Forensic DNA Collection System Helps Investigators Solve More Crime SALT LAKE CITY— October 14, 2014 — M-Vac Systems, Inc. today announced new partnerships and awards as demand grows for its breakthrough forensic DNA collection technology. M-Vac Systems provides the world's most advanced wet-vacuum forensic DNA collection system that helps investigators solve more crime. In a highly publicized homicide cold case, the M-Vac System collected a full touch DNA profile from a rock. In another, the M-Vac was able to collect suspect DNA from a young female murder victim's clothing, despite the victim and her clothing being submerged for up to 10 hours.
  • DNA Labs International Highlights M-Vac System
    DEERFIELD BEACH, FLORIDA—April 7, 2014—DNA Labs International today announced they are the first lab on the East Coast to offer an advanced forensic DNA collection service that helps investigators solve more crime. This new collection method, a wet-vacuum based sampling device called the M-Vac System, is more scalable and sensitive in collecting DNA material from evidence when compared to traditional sampling methods such as swabbing and cutting.
  • M-Vac System Nominated For Utah Innovation Award
    The M-Vac System has been nominated as a finalist in the 12th annual Utah Innovation Awards program, presented by Stoel Rives LLP and the Utah Technology Council. Our 2014 nomination is in the Mechanical Systems/Chemical/Manufacturing category.
  • Forensic Science Study Reveals a Better Rat Trap in M-Vac
    M-Vac Systems today announced findings of a University of California(UC)-Davis study revealing the superior results from its unique DNA collection technology tested against legacy collection methods.
  • M-Vac Systems DNA collection device helps solve 18 yr old Beslanowitch case
    M-Vac Systems, a leader in DNA collection technology, announced that its sampling device was instrumental in helping solve the 1995 murder of Krystal Lynn Beslanowitch. Utilizing the M-Vac's unique wet-vacuum approach, investigators collected enough touch DNA from a rock to generate a full profile and move the case forward.
  • M-Vac System to debut on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation May 8, 2013
    Wet-Vacuum DNA Collection Goes Primetime. M-Vac System on cue to help crack the case on the CBS TV-series, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.
  • M-Vac System Honored with Most Innovative Product Award from UVEF
    The M-Vac System received the prestigious award of 2013 "Most Innovative Product" from the Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum on December 12th, 2013.
  • MSI CEO interviewed by radio show Mountain Money
    MSI CEO Jared Bradley had the opportunity to be interviewed by the Utah based radio show Mountain Money on May 13th, 2013, in which he was able to discuss the M-Vac's history, its recent appearance on the hit TV show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and more. Click here for the Link to the show. The interview begins at the 40min mark.
  • Evidence Technology Picks Up DNA Case Summary
    Evidence Technology Magazine picked up the DNA case summary where the M-Vac System collected DNA from a homicide/possible sexual assault case.
  • M-Vac Named Most Appropriate Technology for Analysis
    The M-Vac System was recently named by the FSIS to be the most appropriate technologies to adopt for FSIS routine and baseline microbiological analysis.
  • M-Vac Systems, Inc. Receives Letter of No Objection from USDA/FSIS
    The USDA/FSIS has issued a Letter of No Objection to M-Vac Systems, Inc. (MSI) for the use of their wet-vacuum pathogen sampling system in USDA inspected facilities.