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  • Long Island Murders - Fox News
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  • M-Vac Stars in New Forensic Files II Episode
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  • Suzanna Ryan announces new cold case TV show to include use of the M-Vac
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  • DNA Weekly Interviews Jared Bradley
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  • FBI Research Reported in Forensic Mag
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  • M-Vac Receives Sandy City Mayor's Excellence Award
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  • King's College M-Vac Research Results

    King's College in London Finds M-Vac Collects 75% More DNA From Bricks Than Double Swab


    • The M-Vac® was superior to double swabbing for DNA collection from brick surfaces.
    • Double swabbing collected more DNA than the M-Vac® on non-porous tiles.
    • Cell-free DNA is lost in the filtration step of M-Vac® processing.
    • The M-Vac® is a useful option for DNA collection when traditional methods fail.
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  • The M-Vac System and The Zodiac Killer
    Of all the binge-worthy TV series, History Channel's "The Hunt for the Zodiac Killer" is definitely one of the best. History has masterfully combined America's most notorious unsolved serial killings, modern technology to include an artificial intelligence infused super-computer, two seasoned detectives and enough plot twists to intrigue even the most hardened viewer. The series is truly a work of art and the suspense is brutal! Read More
  • Investigators, The M-Vac Is No Longer The Question
    There is a junction in the lifecycle of every product or service where its validity and usefulness is verified. Are we there with the M-Vac System? I believe so and here is why. Numerous crime labs, large and small, public and private, have validated it and currently use it successfully. Major universities have studied it and are studying it with positive results. Law enforcement agencies around the world have used the M-Vac System in a variety of ways and scenarios with success. Over the past seven years, there has been study after study performed, validation after validation conducted, performance check after performance check completed and case after case moved forward. The outcomes speak for themselves. Read More
  • Poaching is one of the world's worst problems. The M-Vac is an answer.
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  • Increasing Investigative Effectiveness and Value
    Improving. Getting better. Becoming the best. Most people naturally aspire to continually improve themselves, their surroundings and their effectiveness. Although exceptions most likely exist, the criminal investigators I know jump at the chance to increase their crime solving skills through study, training and hard work, and taking advantage of any tool they can leverage to gain even more benefit. Regardless of the type of tool, if it will help solve a crime, investigators want it used in their case. DNA profiling is one tool that has become critical in its application, and by improving the strength and discrimination of a DNA profile, the value to a case increases exponentially. Read More
  • American Security Today Magazine Posts M-Vac System's Dateline Press Release
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  • Article: Detective, It's Your Investigation - Including the DNA

    Most of the detectives I know like to hear things straight up, so here it is. I recently heard of a DNA analyst who was handed a shirt by a detective who said “Find the DNA off of that.” That may sound reasonable to some, but as a man who talks to both law enforcement and forensic scientists on a regular basis, let me make a few suggestions based on what I see agencies doing that are producing results.

    To read the rest of the article click here.

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  • The M-Vac: A Valuable New Collection Tool By Suzanna Ryan
    What is it? The M-Vac is a wet vacuum system originally developed for use in the food industry to sample food for possible pathogens. However, the developers of the system realized that with some minor tweaking this system could also be a huge benefit in the collection of forensic DNA evidence. Read More
  • Victims and Investigators Deserve This Technology - M-Vac System Guest Blog On Defrosting Cold Cases
    This is the forward and first couple of paragraphs to the latest blog post on Defrosting Cold Cases, a well known and extremely informative blog that is dedicated to helping solve cold cases, educate investigators and laymen alike on how to solve cold cases and continually highlight cases that need more exposure. We highly recommend you read the article as well as follow Alice de Sturler and her blog! Read More
  • DNA Labs International Publishes New Article Entitled M-VAC: A Superior DNA Collection Method
    Deerfield Beach, FL (March 2016)DNA Labs International, a specialist in forensic casework for law enforcement agencies, attorneys and government forensic labs, today announced the release of its first white paper, titled “M-VAC®: A Superior DNA Collection Method,” by Christina Rentas, DNA Analyst at DNA Labs International. Read More
  • Abstract - An Investigation of Touch DNA Collection Methods from Clothing: Cutting vs M-Vac

    An Investigation of Touch DNA Collection Methods from Clothing: Traditional Cutting Techniques Versus a Wet Vacuum System

    by Wander, Marc John, M.S., UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS, 2014, 52 pages; 1565737


    This study explored an innovative method for recovering a male offender's touch DNA deposited on the external side of a cotton t-shirt worn by a female. Traditional cutting procedures were compared, in parallel, to a novel wet vacuum system, called the M-Vac®. This investigation compared these two collection methods to discover which method resulted in a higher yield of DNA, and also examined the relative amounts of male and female DNA obtained from clothing worn by a female and grabbed by a male, with the intent of mimicking an assault.

     To see the published abstract click here.

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  • AAFS 2016 - Come Visit Booth #512

    M-Vac Systems will be at booth #512 at the upcoming AAFS meeting in Las Vegas, NV! Come by and see the latest in wet-vacuum forensic DNA collection technology that is helping investigators solve more crime.

     If you are not able to attend, learn more about the M-Vac by watching this demonstration video.

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  • M-Vac System Featured In CSEye Quarterly Magazine

    The M-Vac System and it's unique wet-vacuum forensic DNA collection method took center stage this morning when CSEye Magazine, the quarterly publication of The Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences in the UK, featured it as the front page article. M-Vac Systems' UK distributor, CSI Equipment, was instrumental in writing and publishing the article and in creating the overall activity in Europe.

    Here is the first few lines of the article: NEW WET VACUUM TOUCH DNA RECOVERY SYSTEM

    M-Vac wet vacuum system improves the search and recovery of touch DNA.

    Bob Milne MCSFS FFS takes a look at the wet vacuum DNA technique and results achieved by a number of Police services internationally. Traditional swabbing is fine for the recovery of DNA from body fluids or the removal of cells on non-porous surfaces but what about the microscopic traces of body fluids or cells in crevices, in fabrics below the surface? Here swabs can be ineffective and that is why the M-VAC originally designed to recover bacteria from food plants for analysis was utilized in its present form to enable the more effective recovery of DNA.

    Click here for the rest of the article.

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  • Improving Results From 'Touch' DNA Samples
    Overall, the M-Vac® collection system is a very useful tool while screening evidence, especially in cases where very minor amounts of DNA are present over a large surface area. Using this system, DNA profiles have been generated that were not possible to obtain when previously generally swabbing the evidence. Read More
  • Broward County Sheriff Detective Receives Commendation For Work With M-Vac System
    Exceptional Service Award Nomination Detective Christopher Williams Submitted By Sgt Jeremy Hansen Read More
  • Case Summary - touch DNA from a brick - China

    Case Summary – touch DNA from brick (China)

    Case Synopsis: Homicide due to blunt force trauma. In late July 2014, a deceased male was found on a small farm road in a suburban area of a large Chinese city. At the crime scene, a red brick with blood stains was found near the victim. Investigators concluded the victim was killed by the red brick.

    Results: A high quality DNA mixture was obtained. DNA analysis resulted in positive identification of the victim and another male suspect. The DNA profile was compared to the DNA database in China, resulting in a positive match and subsequent arrest of a male suspect. The suspect profile generated by the M-Vac System was a significant part of the evidence used to gain a confession. The case was concluded.

    Case summary created by AGCU ScienTech in Wuxi, China. For a copy of the summary click here.

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  • Elevate Your DNA Profiles Above The Noise
    Using a wet-vacuum for forensic DNA collection on evidence has many of the same goals one would have in applying a carpet cleaner at home. If the investigator really wants to get the majority of the DNA material out of the fibers, cracks and crevices of evidentiary substrates, using a wet-vacuum just makes sense. Of course, if there is so much DNA material on the surface that you can see it with the naked eye (think of a blood spatter or similar scenario) then, by all means, use a swab or other method that is sufficient. But in a touch DNA case or where another method has failed to produce a viable profile, it may be time to pull out the big gun and get the job done. Read More
  • M-Vac System collects touch DNA from a rope

    The M-Vac System has been used again to help solve a difficult case, this time collecting DNA profiles from a rope used in an armed robbery and assault. Lauderhill Police Department, the agency with jurisdiction over the case, used DNA Labs International to do the M-Vac DNA collection after the swabbing method had failed to produce a profile.

    Click here for a copy of the PDF.

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  • M-Vac System Discussed in AISOCC Journal of Cold Case Review

    New Collection Technique - the M-Vac System

    In order to get an informative DNA profile, whether it be through autosomal or Y chromosome analysis, first the analyst must be able to collect the DNA from the substrate. Traditional methods for collecting DNA from a particular sample or substrate include swabbing, cutting, or taping. A new method of sample collection is the The M-Vac system. The M-Vac is a wet vacuum collection system designed to be used on forensic evidence. Studies have shown that this system is able to collect more DNA than traditional methods (in one study, up to 180X more epithelial cell DNA was collected with the M-Vac system as compared to swabbing). In addition, the M-Vac system has shown to be useful in collecting DNA from large areas and is even able to collect additional DNA from samples that have already been swabbed.

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  • CSI Equipment Highlights M-Vac System in July 2015 Newsletter

    M-VAC manufactured by M-Vac Systems Inc. USA provides a new tool enabling the improved recovery of DNA from difficult surfaces and materials in both quality and quantity. Bob Milne MCSFS FFS takes a look at the M-VAC System and the results achieved by a number of Police services.

     For a copy of the full article click here.

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  • Technical Insights from the Philadelphia PD Office of Forensic Science MAAFS Presentation

    Technical Insights from the Philadelphia PD Office of Forensic Science MAAFS Presentation

    Research completed by the Philadelphia PD Office of Forensic Science on the M-Vac was presented at the 2015 MAAFS conference in Cambridge, Maryland.  A summary of that research and technical details pulled from the presentation are listed below.

    • The M-Vac collected 180x more than the swab with dilute buccal cells on a porous, absorbent material
    • It collected about 5x more on grab and touch scenarios
    • It collected more DNA material than the swab when re-collecting from items that had been worn for 4 hours and had already been swabbed
    • It is efficient at collecting from large items or surfaces
    For a copy of the PDF click here.
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  • Solving Crimes With a Vacuum - Beehive Startups Article on M-Vac Systems

    Solving Crimes With a Vacuum

    By Christopher Rawle on May 4, 2015

    I consider myself a crime scene expert, mainly because I watch television and every show is designed to make the process of crime scene investigation look like a Sunday stroll through the park. Find some blood on the wall, swipe it with a q-tip, send it to the lab, convict a murderer. It’s easy as 1-2-3.

    In actuality, the exercise of gathering evidence is a much more complex process. Sure, some crime scenes have pools of blood, providing investigators with a gold-mine of DNA linking criminal to crime. Many times, however, the DNA evidence left behind is microscopic, or buried so deeply within the fibers of an object that trying to find it with a q-tip is like showing up to a fist-fight with no arms — it just isn’t happening.

    The unfortunate reality is that while DNA research and testing is more advanced than ever, many DNA profiles essentially boils down to the whims of a 25-cent swab.

    “How CSIs gather the evidence is critical because if it gets screwed up at the crime scene then everything beyond that is worthless,” M-Vac CEO Jared Bradley said. “So there’s different methods of gathering this evidence and the most common is what’s called a swab. It’s basically a sterile q-tip...the DNA material—skin cells or blood or saliva or whatever you’re looking for—has to be sitting on the top of the surface. And if they’re way down deep inside cracks or crevices or in the fibers of the clothing, you just don’t get them. And so that’s why the M-Vac exists.”

    For the original story click here.

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  • M-Vac is Sucking Up DNA Evidence Needed to Catch Criminals - KSL News Story
    KSL News Channel 5, SALT LAKE CITY — After a crime is committed, the search for justice can be frustrating and often devastating for victims. Now, a new forensics tool developed and produced in Utah is helping investigators crack cases that might have gone unsolved and unpunished. West Jordan Police Department senior crime scene investigator Francine Bardole describes the M-Vac system this way, "It saturates into the pores, into the material so that any skin cells that have been embedded into this porous surface will be able to be extracted." Like a mini carpet cleaner, the M-Vac system sucks up DNA evidence from a variety of broad porous surfaces like a cotton shirt. Read More
  • Philadelphia PD Office of Forensic Science to Present M-Vac Research Data at MAAFS

    Philadelphia PD Office of Forensic Science MAAFS Abstract

    Title: Evaluation of a Wet-Vacuum Forensic DNA Collection System as a More Efficient Technique for the Collection of Epithelial Cells

    Abstract: the wet-vacuum DNA collection system, developed by M-Vac Systems Inc., was compared to the traditional forensic swabbing method for the collection of epithelial cells from forensic evidence. Compared to current swabbing techniques, the M-Vac System collected substantially more DNA material, yielding a suitable profile, than the swabbing method (up to 180 times more DNA material). Additionally, the wet vacuum system performed well as a secondary collection technique on evidence that had already been subjected to the traditional swabbing collection method. While the traditional swabbing technique remains a reasonable and more cost effective collection method for cases where sufficient DNA samples are expected, the M-Vac System was found to be a superior tool for the collection of cellular material from evidence with a large surface area, where only brief contact was reported and evidence where the initial collection using traditional swabbing techniques yielded low quantities of DNA material.

    Presentation will be at the MAAFS (Mid-Atlantic Association of Forensic Scientists) Annual Meeting May 21st

    NOTE: The above is only an abstract and not a technical note or official paper.

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  • M-Vac System Highlighted in BYU Magazine


    By Charlene Renberg Winters (BA ’73, MA ’96)

    Krystal Beslanowitch’s murder case haunted members of the Wasatch County Sheriff’s Office for nearly two decades. In late 1995 the 17-year-old was fatally struck by a river rock, and Deputy Todd Bonner vividly remembers seeing her body lying by the Provo River near Midway, Utah. The sheriff’s office interviewed several hundred people statewide and pursued every lead possible. However, without suspects and with limited evidence, the trail quickly went cold.

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  • Cutting-Edge Vaccum Technology (M-Vac System) Locates Hard-to-Find DNA

    Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, DNA evidence is not like on television. You just don’t find it lying around on a rock.

    Well, with a new DNA collection method based on wet-vacuum technology, sometimes you can.

    This cutting-edge technology (The M-Vac System) uses a hand-held device that sprays a solution on a surface to detach and suspend target DNA material, and vacuums the fluid into a removable bottle. Using a concentrating filter apparatus or the spin method, the technology has obtained admissible results in cases where traditional methods have come up empty, including a cold case investigation conducted by the Wasatch County (Utah) Sheriff’s Office.

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  • Philadelphia Police Office of Forensic Science Produces Impressive DNA Results with M-Vac System
    SALT LAKE CITY—January 15, 2015—M-Vac Systems Inc., today announced the Philadelphia PD Office of Forensic Science (OFS) has completed its first stages of comparison testing with the M-Vac System, producing impressive results. When compared to swabbing, which is the most commonly used forensic DNA collection method worldwide, the M-Vac System collected substantially more than the swab and resulted in balanced, full profiles. In a baseline comparison of collecting epithelial cells inoculated onto 12 inch by 12 inch cloth swatches, the M-Vac collected an average of 180 times more DNA. Read More
  • UC Davis Researcher Gives Account of M-Vac Experience
    I'm proud to say I used the M-Vac for my thesis research, and I believe the machine will become a valuable tool for all forensic laboratories. Read More
  • M-Vac System Effective in Sampling Viruses, Including Potentially Ebola

    The M-Vac System™ is designed to sample low levels of surface microbial pathogens or other particles from diverse surface types, with considerably higher efficiency than is possible with typical cotton or sponge swabs.

    Click here for this study.

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  • M-Vac System Flyer
    The M-Vac System is a wet-vacuum based forensic DNA collection device that is helping investigators solve more crime. For a copy of the flyer click here. Read More
  • Boston University M-Vac Research Published in Journal of Forensic Identification
    Researchers at Boston University successfully published their work in the Journal of Forensic Identification in September of 2014. This is a major accomplishment for the researchers and Boston University. It is also a significant event for M-Vac Systems, as it is the first peer-reviewed forensics journal to publish an article highlighting comparative research between the M-Vac System and other DNA collection methods, namely swabbing and taping. Read More
  • When More Expensive Costs Less - How the M-Vac System Can Help Financially
    Choosing which forensic DNA collection method can effect the rest of the process behind it. Therefore, it is critical to select the method that is most appropriate in effectiveness, not just in cost. When needed, methods that provide a higher sensitivity and scalability are potentially also more cost effective as they will make the downstream processes more likely to produce a viable profile and move the case forward. Read More
  • Popular TV Show Mentalist Mentions M-Vac System as Tool to Collect DNA

    Law enforcement agencies and crime labs aren't the only ones who are recognizing the M-Vac System as a premier forensic DNA collection tool. Now the popular TV show The Mentalist is also getting into the action. During the show's Season 6, Episode 18 "Forest Green", one of the characters, portraying an FBI agent, suggests "Tell forensics to use the M-Vac. That'll pull DNA evidence out of anything!" when the stars are discussing how to solve a case.

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  • M-Vac Systems Makes Top 10 in Business Reality TV Show Audition
    The M-Vac System was recognized as a top 10 business at the American Gnuity TV Show audition, which was held in the Salt Lake City area in May. We are excited to be competing on the show as well as gain the recognition and exposure that it will bring. Helping to solve crime is a great place to be and we are proud of the accomplishments of the M-Vac! To see the American Gnuity Sizzle Reel click here. Read More
  • M-Vac Systems Interview on True Crime Radio
    M-Vac Systems CEO, Jared Bradley, went on the air with True Crime Radio host Tricia Griffith to discuss the M-Vac, touch DNA and wet-vacuum forensic DNA sampling. They also discussed the Krystal Beslanowitch case where the M-Vac was used to collect the suspect's touch DNA from the murder weapon, which in this case was a river rock.  To listen to the interview click here. Read More
  • UC Davis Presents Sexual Assault M-Vac Data at American Academy of Forensic Science
    Forensic researchers from the UC Davis Forensic Science Graduate Program presented their M-Vac research data at the 2014 American Academy of Forensic Science Conference. Read More
  • M-Vac System Highlighted as DNA Collection Method for Cold Justice

    Sorenson Forensics and the hit TV show Cold Justice have once again teamed up to help solve some of the toughest cold cases in America. On their website, Sorenson Forensics states:

    "Sorenson Forensics is a leading provider of advanced forensic and DNA testing services, and utilizes an array of technologies and procedures to extract and profile even the faintest amount of DNA evidence from a crime scene. Over the course of the two seasons, Sorenson Forensics has used all available resources to advance justice on cases featured on “Cold Justice” including the M-Vac system, which uses a sophisticated wet-vacuum sampling device to collect significant amounts of DNA from immovable surfaces, and highly-sensitive Touch DNA sample collection kits to determine who last touched a piece of evidence by gathering the most recent DNA from a surface."

    To see the announcement on Sorenson's website click here.

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  • UC Davis M-Vac Research Abstract (AAFS)
    The Forensic Science Graduate Group at UC Davis is completing a series of collection technique comparisons and will be presenting the data at the 2014 American Academy of Forensic Scientists Conference in February. For the abstract of the research click here. Read More
  • M-Vac System instrumental in 18yr old cold case
    The M-Vac System, also referred to as a "vacuum-assisted instrument", played a key role in solving an 18 yr old cold case homicide recently. A 17yr old girl, Krystal Lynn Beslanowitch, was found murdered in 1995 near the Provo River in Midway, Utah. Read More
  • M-Vac System on #CrimeChat
    #CrimeChat, a Twitter based discussion held monthly and hosted by Alice de Sturler, focused on the M-Vac System and its forensic DNA collection capabilities on Monday, September 16th, 2013. Followers of the discussion from all over the world were able to ask questions and make comments. Click here to see a summary of the discussion. Read More
  • Gang-related Homicide Case Summary
    Gang-related shooting where M-Vac is used after double-swab method had produced a partial and mixed profile that was inconclusive. M-Vac is able to collect enough DNA material to generate a full profile. View PDF Here... Read More
  • MSI CEO interviewed by radio show Mountain Money
    MSI CEO Jared Bradley had the opportunity to be interviewed by the Utah based radio show Mountain Money on May 13th, 2013, in which he was able to discuss the M-Vac's history, its recent appearance on the hit TV show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and more. Read More
  • M-Vac's Debut on CSI Covered on Utah's Channel 2 News
    Utah's Channel 2 News did a feature story on the M-Vac System and its debut on the TV show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation on May 8th, 2013 Read More
  • SL Trib News - M-Vac's Debut on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
    The Salt Lake Tribune ran this article on the M-Vac's debut on the hit TV show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation on May 7th, 2013. Read More
  • M-Vac Collects 39X More Than Swab in Filter Apparatus Data

    A verification test was conducted to evaluate the use of a filter apparatus with a 0.45 μm PES filter as a viable means for concentrating M-Vac samples. The verification also included a comparison of the double swab and M-Vac sampling methods. The M-Vac collected 39 times more DNA material than the double swab method.

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  • Homicide/Sexual Assault Case Summary - Touch DNA on Clothing
    The M-Vac System was able to collect enough forensic DNA material from a homicide/possible sexual assault victim's clothing to produce a viable profile despite the victim being submerged for 8-10 hrs. Swabbing of the same area had yielded no results.  This case is a perfect example of how the M-Vac System can help a difficult forensic case move forward through collection touch DNA. Read More
  • M-Vac Spotlighted on Prominent Forensics Blog
    Forensics DNA Consulting, a prominent DNA blog featuring Mehul Anjaria, posted an M-Vac spotlight and an interview with Jared Bradley as part of his interview series. See Blog Posting Here... Read More
  • M-Vac/Boston University DNA Collection Data Presented at NEAFS
    Boston University researchers recently presented their results at the NEAFS Conference in upstate New York. The research comprised of collecting whole blood using the M-Vac, swabs and tape from three surfaces - ceramic tile, denim and carpet. Read More
  • M-Vac System Featured in Forensic DNA Training
    The M-Vac System and the forensic DNA training that was held October 24th at West Jordan Police Department was featured in the KSL Channel 5 News in Salt Lake City, Utah. Crime scene investigators, detectives, medical examiners, district attorneys and others were in attendance to learn about the M-Vac System and its potential to help solve the tough cases 'DNA vacuum shows promise in solving difficult criminal cases' Read More
  • M-Vac Highlighted on Utah's Fox13 News
    Fox13 News highlighted the M-Vac System as a new forensic DNA collection device M-Vac Forensic DNA Vacuum Read More
  • Evidence Technology Magazine Highlights the M-Vac

    August 1, 2011

    The July-August 2011 issue of Evidence Technology highlighted the M-Vac technology in the article "The Microbial-Vac System: Advancing Human Identification by Improved Sampling"

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  • Food Safety Award
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