M-Vac System Featured In CSEye Quarterly Magazine

M-Vac System Featured In CSEye Quarterly Magazine

The M-Vac System and it's unique wet-vacuum forensic DNA collection method took center stage this morning when CSEye Magazine, the quarterly publication of The Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences in the UK, featured it as the front page article. M-Vac Systems' UK distributor, CSI Equipment, was instrumental in writing and publishing the article and in creating the overall activity in Europe.

Here is the first few lines of the article: NEW WET VACUUM TOUCH DNA RECOVERY SYSTEM

M-Vac wet vacuum system improves the search and recovery of touch DNA.

Bob Milne MCSFS FFS takes a look at the wet vacuum DNA technique and results achieved by a number of Police services internationally. Traditional swabbing is fine for the recovery of DNA from body fluids or the removal of cells on non-porous surfaces but what about the microscopic traces of body fluids or cells in crevices, in fabrics below the surface? Here swabs can be ineffective and that is why the M-VAC originally designed to recover bacteria from food plants for analysis was utilized in its present form to enable the more effective recovery of DNA.

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