Victims and Investigators Deserve This Technology - M-Vac System Guest Blog On Defrosting Cold Cases

Victims and Investigators Deserve This Technology - M-Vac System Guest Blog On Defrosting Cold Cases

This is the forward and first couple of paragraphs to the latest blog post on Defrosting Cold Cases, a well known and extremely informative blog that is dedicated to helping solve cold cases, educate investigators and laymen alike on how to solve cold cases and continually highlight cases that need more exposure. We highly recommend you read the article as well as follow Alice de Sturler and her blog!

Victims and Investigators Deserve This Technology is the latest guest blog post by Jared Bradley, MBA. Our readers know that Jared is the CEO of M-Vac Systems and that he has joined the fight to solve as many cold cases as possible. Jared’s father, the late Dr. Bruce Bradley, was founder of Microbial-Vac Systems and inventor of the M-Vac. Initially developed to promote food safety, this unique collecting system now assists law enforcement as well. If you wish to see the M-Vac in action, click here.

** The Scenes

An ex-wife beaten in her bedroom, drugged with a powerful sedative, was found drowned in her bath tub. A girl, raped and murdered, was found in a body of water. A man bludgeoned by a brick was found in a field in China. A husband, bound with a restraint tied around his legs, was found in his car at the bottom of a ravine in the Middle East. A business owner gets robbed while opening his store by two burglars who had cut a hole in the business roof and slid down a rope. A gang member coming out of a convenience store gets shot point-blank by a rival gang member. A woman, bludgeoned with a decorative cement block, is found in her yard after she had an argument with her boyfriend the previous night. What do all these brutal, senseless crimes have in common? They all lacked a viable DNA profile that would tie a suspect to the crime.

There are thousands of cases like these all over the world. Fortunately, investigative teams now have access to a new wet-vacuum forensic DNA collection method. This method will enable the team to produce a DNA profile strong enough to move the case forward.

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