Where It Works
Why M-Vac

Where It Works

"If you know where exactly a perpetrator touched something, then yeah, you could swab something. But most of the time we don't know so it's better if you have something that is cloth or fabric or a rope, some sort of ligature, bricks and rocks, things like that, wooden boards, I would always recommend the M-Vac™ versus swabbing just because I've seen the results! It's not just a theoretical thing. I know what it can do. I know you can get some pretty amazing results using M-Vac™. So the more I use it the more I'm a proponent of it for sure." --Suzanna Ryan, Laboratory Director/Forensic DNA Analyst, Pure Gold Forensics

With what types of evidence has the M-Vac™ been successful or where does it work well?  The obvious answer is porous or rough surfaces, but it also works well on some surprising substrates.  It has yielded meaningful, third-party data from these evidence types.


* Denotes that the item has yielded meaningful profiles in casework.

? Indicates the item was analyzed in university research.

? Means the item was studied by either the FBI or an independent agency or lab, either for research or validation purposes.


M-Vac™ Strengths:

  • Textured, porous & rough substrate sampling
  • Capable of sampling large surface areas
  • Deeper surface extraction
  • Better collection results
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