Why M-Vac
Why M-Vac

Why M-Vac


The M-Vac™ has moved forward many cases with inconclusive or weak DNA results. Stalled/cold cases now have a another chance.

How It Works

The M-Vac™ is a wet-vacuum DNA collection system. Click to learn how it works. Includes a basic demo video.

What Others Say

Independent publications, news stories, and comments from customers and industry professionals help everyone understand M-Vac's capabilities.


What research has been done or is currently being done with the M-Vac™?


What research has been done or is currently being done with the M-Vac™?

Where It Works

The M-Vac™ changes where DNA can be collected - click to see our list of substrates where M-Vac™ has been successfully used.

Who Benefits

Various perspectives from law enforcement, lab techs, and attorneys address the question of how collecting more DNA will help.

Forensic DNA Collection FAQ

A quick reference for common questions.

M-Vac™ System Flyer

A concise information flyer to introduce the product and supplies.

For a video introduction to the M-Vac™ System, please click the button below.

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We all know that even the best DNA processing equipment cannot amplify DNA that is not recovered in the sampling or collection process.  The M-Vac™ helps by simply collecting more DNA. 

What if traditional collection methods have already been used on an item?  The M-Vac™ is a valuable tool in those scenarios and can often result in conclusive profiles even after traditional methods have been used. It gives cases a second chance

For example, in an independent verification, after swabbing a saliva stain on cotton fabric, the M-Vac™ was still able to collect 22X more saliva DNA.  This shows that not only does the swab leave a significant amount of DNA material behind, but also that the M-Vac™ System is more capable of collecting DNA material from porous surfaces.

The M-Vac™ System is also known as a wet-vacuum sampling device, a vacuum-assisted instrument, a forensics vacuum, a DNA recovery system and other descriptive terms in literature and news articles.  The M-Vac™ System is also effective in sampling meat or produce for pathogens, checking environments for bacterial contamination and assuring the absence of biohazards in biodefense.