How Does the M-Vac Work?
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How Does the M-Vac Work?

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It is a sterile wet-vacuum. Collection solution is sprayed onto the surface while simultaneously being vacuumed off of the surface.  It creates a "mini-hurricane" that loosens the DNA material which is transferred to the collection bottle and later concentrated onto a filter. Here is a short video describing the M-Vac™.

Collection. The M-Vac™ uses wet-vacuum principles to cause the DNA material to release from the substrate Sampling Head Cross Sectionand to capture the cells.  DNA free buffer is sprayed directly onto the surface while simultaneously vacuum is applied around the spray pattern to collect the buffer with the suspended particles and transfer it into a sterile collection bottle. The impact of the solution and the force of the vacuum develop a turbulent environment that helps break free DNA-containing cells to be suspended in the solution and collected with the vacuum.

Discovery. The M-Vac™ allows DNA material to be collected from porous areas that are difficult, if not impossible, to reach otherwise.  In addition, the M-Vac™ collection is scalable to large surfaces, increasing the probability of discovering DNA material randomly located on the surface.

Concentration. The sample collected by the M-Vac™ is Concentrating Sampleconcentrated using the M-Vac™ support equipment and a sterile filter. The solution including the DNA material that has been captured is poured through a concentration filter and the filter is sent to the lab for further processing. Similar to swabbing or other collection methods, the DNA is extracted from the filter at the lab with standard industry extraction kits and processes.

This unique collection method is both more sensitive and scalable so collecting minute amounts of DNA is very feasible even when it is spread over a large surface area.

Although thorough in-person training is recommended before using the M-Vac™ yourself, please push the button below for a brief, basic demonstration of how easy it is to use the system, from prepping the machine and turning it on to cutting out the filter and sending it to the lab.

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Here is a short video describing the system and a case it helped move forward. It is from the perspective of one of the developers.

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