Food Safety

Safe food depends on good sampling. Detection relies on collecting pathogens, obtaining a quality sample is crucial.

The M-Vac® provides better pathogen extraction than any other method (i.e. sponges, swabs, contact plates). It excels at each aspect of the sampling process:

  • Largest surface area per sample (up to 10 square feet, 9300 square cm)
  • Deep surface extraction of pathogens
  • Results comparable to excision or bulk sampling
  • Highest recovery of any sampling method
  • Greater sampling and detection confidence
  • Reduced probability of a false negative
  • Decreased lab time and fewer supplies

M-Vac® Systems also provides in-plant validations and intervention verification equipment and services. This assists food producers and suppliers to validate their process controls and meet GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) standards. By utilizing the M-Vac® System in your validations, you will be able to improve the safety of your food and confidently report to your customers the true level of log reduction your intervention is achieving.

Food Safety Benefits
  • The M-Vac® was designed for use on a virtually any surface that can be sampled with a swab or sponge including product surfaces and direct contact surfaces.
  • The M-Vac® provides a liquid sample which eliminates the need for elution processes.
  • The M-Vac® is designed for collection of all types of pathogens.
  • Exceptional results on porous surfaces.
Why Choose M-Vac?

Why Choose M-Vac?

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    M-Vac System's customers and other industry professionals are a valuable resource for information. Their experiences with the M-Vac through casework and testing are vital to understanding it.  This section is a collection of the articles, flyers, presentations and other news that have been published or presented.  They provide insight from M-Vac users and industry professionals who are independent of M-Vac Systems.  We cannot express enough appreciation for their input and insights!
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    The M-Vac System is a wet-vacuum based forensic DNA collection device that is helping investigators solve more crime. For a copy of the flyer click here.