Why M-Vac
Why M-Vac

Why M-Vac

Why is the M-Vac® being used in forensics, Why does it collect more DNA material, Where does it work well and Why can it be used with confidence? Those are all good questions and here are the answers.

CaseworkCasework - Has the M-Vac® been used on casework?  Yes, many cases with inconclusive or weak DNA results have been moved forward with the M-Vac®.  Stalled/cold cases now have a another chance.

Testimonials - A Collection of quotes and meaningful comments made by customers and industry professionals.

Validations - This section outlines public and private validation work that has been shared with us.

What Other SayWhat Other Say - The independent publications and news stories from customers and industry professionals are valuable.  They increase everyone's ability to understand the capability of a new technology like the M-Vac.

How It WorksHow It Works - The M-Vac® is a wet-vacuum DNA collection system. How wet-vacuum sampling or collection technology works is discussed in this section.

Where It Works - How does the M-Vac® change where DNA can be collected?  The M-Vac® works well on many evidence types and in areas where collection hasn't been an option in the past.  This section lists evidence substrates where the M-Vac® System has achieved success.  Many of these have been touch DNA scenarios.

Research - What research has been done or is currently being done with the M-Vac?

Victims Helped - Helping a victim or the victim's family or preventing the next victim is what it is really all about.

Forensic DNA Collection FAQ - A quick reference for common questions.

Who Benefits - How will collecting more DNA help?  This question and others are addressed from the perspective of Detectives, Crime Scene Investigators, Forensic Scientists and Prosecuting Attorneys.

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We all know that even the best DNA processing equipment cannot amplify DNA that is not recovered in the sampling or collection process.  The M-Vac® helps by simply collecting more DNA. 

What if traditional collection methods have already been used on an item?  The M-Vac® is a valuable tool in those scenarios and can often result in conclusive profiles even after traditional methods have been used. It gives cases a second chance

For example, in an independent verification, after swabbing a saliva stain on cotton fabric, the M-Vac® was still able to collect 22X more saliva DNA.  This shows that not only does the swab leave a significant amount of DNA material behind, but also that the M-Vac® System is more capable of collecting DNA material from porous surfaces.

The M-Vac® System is also known as a wet-vacuum sampling device, a vacuum-assisted instrument, a forensics vacuum, a DNA recovery system and other descriptive terms in literature and news articles.  The M-Vac® System is also effective in sampling meat or produce for pathogens, checking environments for bacteria contamination and assuring the absence of biohazards in biodefense.