Why M-Vac


New technology equals new things to understand and define.  Although the M-Vac® is regularly used in casework by agencies across the world and has been validated by many labs, there are new applications and associated technologies to be understood and further defined.

Some of it begins on a lab bench and some of it happens in the field.  When our COO, Wayne Carlsen, developed medical devices, the question often asked was, "It's easy to make it work in the lab, but can you make it work in the real world?"  It is the usual when the rubber hits the road type of comment.  In forensics, the twist is that the rubber hits the road in the field and the lab!  And yes, it works both places; many cases have been solved. Both areas are springboards to new applications, more understanding, better use and new technology.  The key is innovative people making a difference.

This page includes research that has been done or is currently being done with the M-Vac® and related technologies.  Some of it is innovative and some of it is foundational.  For researchers who are interested in exploring new horizons or further defining existing ones, we have a number of projects that would make excellent research opportunities.  Feel free to reach out to us for suggestions.  Here are some of the projects that are underway or have been completed.

FBI Research - 22 Household, Construction & Automotive Substrates

Cedar Crest - Staining and Collection of Touch DNA

Bardole DNA Collection Method

UC Davis - Skin Research

UC Davis - Post Shower Research

UC Davis - Cutting Comparison

Cedar Crest - Touch on Different Fabrics

Boston - Swabbing and Tape - Denim

Boston - Blood and Semen on Denim Carpet Tile and Brick

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