M-Vac System Effective in Sampling Viruses, Including Potentially Ebola

M-Vac System Effective in Sampling Viruses, Including Potentially Ebola

Highly pathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungi and toxins are regarded as potential biowarfare (BW) agents. For rapid detection methods and verification, it is of great importance to provide sufficient amounts of antigen and nucleic acids. So, one of the main tasks is the efficient sampling of BW agents from different kinds of surfaces, even porous concrete pavements, carpets, wooden surfaces or plants where using swabs can be extremely ineffective.

The German Armed Forces Scientific Institute for Protection Technologies - NBC Protection evaluated and improved the recovery of a prototype of the new spray-extraction surface sampling instrument "M-Vac™" from M-Vac Systems Inc. It consists of a wet–vacuum device and a hand-held spray-extraction sampling head. The instrument will allow field teams to sample much larger surface areas with high collection efficiency.

The M-Vac System™ is designed to sample low levels of surface microbial pathogens or other particles (viruses, toxins) from diverse surface types, with considerably higher efficiency than is possible with typical cotton or sponge swabs.

** This study shows the potential of the M-Vac System to be an effective tool in sampling for deadly viruses such as Ebola **

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