Water Soaked Clothing
Why M-Vac

Water Soaked Clothing

The victim was found partially submerged.  She had been in the water for 8-10 hours.  There were signs of sexual assault, but serological testing revealed no sign of semen and/or spermatozoa on the victim's panties.

Jordan River BankThe M-Vac™ was used to sample the crotch area and the waist bands.  The resulting samples were concentrated utilizing the centrifuge method.  Only the crotch sample had a positive quantification for male DNA.  The ratio of male to female DNA was 6000:1.  It was amplified using Applied Biosystems YFiler YSTR amplification kit.

Despite the extreme ratio, a partial Yfiler profile (9 of 17 loci) from a single male contributor was obtained.

In Sorenson Forensic's opinion, processing with the M-Vac™ allowed the minimal amounts of male DNA to be collected despite overwhelming female/victim DNA, exposure to the effects of water and a limited amount of cellular material or touch DNA.

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