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Sometimes DNA evidence is on a difficult to collect from substrate.  It may be porous, rough or large.  In addition, the quantities may be minute.  Real life scenarios like that happen every day.  In 2011, Uta Von Schwedler was murdered in her own house and was found in her bathtub.  The investigation of the scene yielded a number of pieces of evidence including a pillow case and a comforter.  Traditional sampling of the crime scene evidence yielded inconclusive results. The M-Vac® was used to collect from the pillow case and the comforter. The collections yielded DNA profiles that matched the convicted murderer's profile.  An internal and independent evaluation of the M-Vac® is being conducted by the FBI.  We look forward to seeing the full study.  The technology provides a new opportunity to get profiles where it was impossible before.  To discuss how the M-Vac® can help with your forensics and police work, please contact us or request a free consultation.  To hear the early experience of an agency who has now owned a system for years, watch the video below.

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The M-Vac® utilizes wet vacuum principles to release and capture cells. Nuclease and DNA free buffer is sprayed directly onto the surface while vacuum pressure is simultaneously applied around the spray pattern to collect the buffer and suspended particles in a collection bottle.

Also referred to as a wet-vacuum sampling device, a "vacuum-assisted instrument", and other descriptive terms, The M-Vac® System is quickly becoming well known in the field of forensics as the DNA collection method to turn to when obtaining a DNA profile is difficult and critical for the case and where traditional methods such as swabbing, cutting and taping are not getting the job done.

"One of the most recent technological advancements in DNA collection used by Sorenson Forensics on a case featured on "Cold Justice" is the M-Vac system, which uses a sophisticated wet-vacuum sampling device to collect significant amounts of DNA from immovable surfaces that cannot be transported to a laboratory for processing as well as from porous substrates, such as clothing, fabrics, cement or rocks. The M-Vac system is able to extract even the most deeply embedded DNA." Forensics Magazine, 25 Sept 2013



Forensics Benefits

  • Superior collection from many substrates
  • The M-Vac has enabled forensic scientists to build partial and full profiles when traditional methods have failed
  • Large surface area per sample capability


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