Why M-Vac


The Uta von Schwedler case – On September 27, 2011, Uta Von Schwedler was found deceased inside her Uta von Schwedlerhouse.  She was in her bathtub in cold water.  From the DNA testing, initially what was found was a partial (5 loci) YSTR profile from the DNA material found under her finger nails.  The YSTR profiles matched her ex-husband, but also matched her two male children.

The case went on for over a year until the M-Vac™ was used.  The M-Vac™ was initially used on a bloody pillow.  The resultant DNA profile matched her ex-husband and was one of two deciding factors in filing the case.

After filing, additional collections were done on a comforter in an area that also had a bloody handprint.  That area also yielded all of the Dr. John Wall's alleles.  Using the M-Vac™ System was a big factor in his conviction and in providing closure for Uta's family.

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Below is a short video of the lead homicide detective discussing some of the details of the case (2 min 41 sec).