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All Things Crime Podcast

All Things Crime bannerOur president, Jared Bradley, has a podcast called All Things Crime on which he interviews people with all variety of connections to crime prevention, detection, and prosecution. He hopes to create awareness and appreciation for all the skills and efforts that go into protecting and defending our society and our (mostly) peaceful way of life. We at M-Vacdefinitely enjoy getting to know many of the folks in this profession and are thankful for all that they do. Some of Jared's interviews touch on experiences people have had with the M-Vac:

How To Be a Homicide Detective - Cloyd Steiger

How to Be a Crime Scene Investigator - Sheryl McCollum

How Does Forensic DNA Work? - Rachel Oelefein

Surviving Prison When Wrongfully Convicted - Chris Tapp

How Do Crime Solving and Science Mix? - Greg Hampikian

Advancements in Forensic DNA - Suzanna Ryan

Forensic DNA Serology and Lab Processing, Part 1 and Part 2 - Ashleigh Dixon and Nicole Stickle