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Dr. Bradley's Legacy

Dr. BradleyDr. Bruce Bradley, founder of Microbial-Vac Systems and inventor of the M-Vac, was a brilliant scientist, inventor, and business owner. In the early 1990's after the notorious E. coli outbreak that killed 6 children and made many others sick, Dr. Bradley began his initial work to develop the M-Vac. He believed that sampling was the weakest link in the food safety process, and hoped that by creating an improved sampling method, food would be safer. He hoped that the M-Vac would prevent another child from being lost due to unsafe food, which inspired the original company logo shown below.

Dr. Bradley was a Ph.D. graduate in nutrition/biochemistry from Washington State University in 1977. In the years that followed he served as founder and President of North West Labs, member of the Idaho State Department of Agriculture Pesticide Laboratory Quality control Oversight Committee, acted as a Commercial Animal Science & Agriculture Consultant, Corporate Founding Partner with NASA FTCSC (Food Technology Commercial Space Center), and CEO and President of Microbial-Vac Systems, Inc. Dr. Bradley regularly presented his research in sampling and bacterial collection and is published in industry journals. He also received eleven grants, including three Phase III grants to further his work and research. Dr. Bradley received the 2008 Innovation in Food Safety Award.

Sadly, Dr. Bradley passed away March 6, 2009 after a battle with cancer.  Though he is greatly missed, Dr. Bradley's legacy will long be remembered at MSI and throughout the scientific community for his innovation, dedication, and hard work.

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