DNA Labs Validation
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DNA Labs Validation

A short excerpt and a brief summary from the full validation report are listed below.  The full report is available upon request.

Objective: “An internal validation is performed to evaluate the efficacy, reliability and limitations of analytical procedures prior to their use in paternity testing and forensic casework.  The objective of this validation study is to evaluate the efficiency and reliability of the M-Vac® Evidence Collection System (M-Vac® Systems, Inc.) for sample collection, concentration and interim storage of biological evidence prior to processing for DNA analysis.1

The validation included wearer, touch, blood and urine scenarios.  The substrates used in the validation included nylon stocking, knit cap, leather purse, cloth glove, shoe, auto trunk lining, duct tape bindings, concrete, skin, cotton cloth bedding, rock and rough landscaping tile.

The majority of the testing scenarios fell in line with testing that had been done in the past or with results that had come from casework.  However, there were a couple notable and unique findings.
  • A full profile was generated from a touch scenario on duct tape bindings
  • A full profile was generated from a scenario including urine on cotton bedding

The validation fulfilled DNA Lab International’s requirements and allowed them to implement the M-Vac® System as a serological tool.  The validation did not find any evidence of negative impact on the downstream processes.  Since the validation, the M-Vac® has successfully been used in a number of cases.

  1. Validation Guidelines for DNA Analysis Method, December 2012, Scientific Working Group on DNA Analysis Methods (SWGDAM)