Philadelphia PD Validation
Why M-Vac

Philadelphia PD Validation

The Philadelphia Police Department Office of Forensic Science conducted research on the M-Vac® and presented their findings at the 2015 MAAFS conference. They tested the following general scenarios:
  • Buccal cells on highly porous materials
  • Wearer DNA
  • Touch DNA
  • Using the M-Vac® after traditional methods had already been used
  • Mock touch DNA crime scene scenarios
Here are a few highlights from their presentation.
  • The M-Vac® collected 180x on porous, absorbent materials
  • It collected about 5x more with wearer DNA scenarios
  • It collected 5x more with grab or touch scenarios
  • It collected more DNA material than the original swabbings when re-collected from sampled items
  • It is efficient at collecting from large items or surfaces
The research is being reviewed internally for publication, but contact information is available upon request for the department that conducted the testing and is using the M-Vac®.