Philadelphia Police Office of Forensic Science Produces Impressive DNA Results with M-Vac System

Philadelphia Police Office of Forensic Science Produces Impressive DNA Results with M-Vac System

Wet-vacuum Forensic DNA Collection System Helps Investigators Solve More Crime

SALT LAKE CITY—January 15, 2015—M-Vac Systems Inc., today announced the Philadelphia PD Office of Forensic Science (OFS) has completed its first stages of comparison testing with the M-Vac System, producing impressive results. When compared to swabbing, which is the most commonly used forensic DNA collection method worldwide, the M-Vac System collected substantially more than the swab and resulted in balanced, full profiles. In a baseline comparison of collecting epithelial cells inoculated onto 12 inch by 12 inch cloth swatches, the M-Vac collected an average of 180 times more DNA.

“The M-Vac worked, and it worked well” says Michael Garvey, Ph.D., Director of the Philadelphia PD Office of Forensic Science. “It consistently collected more DNA. It worked well with our downstream DNA processes and instruments. The question for us is where and when to use it. In some cases, the traditional swabbing method is still a reasonable option. However, this collection technique will enhance our ability to collect DNA from some more challenging evidence. It will work well with contact DNA, where the location of the contact is unknown and the quantities are small or the surface area is large. I look forward to finalizing the study and fully implementing this technology into operations.”

The M-Vac System is being utilized by an increasing number of police agencies and crime labs both in the United States and internationally. Agencies in the UK, Australia, China, South Africa, UAE and others are all using or testing the M-Vac System. As the world’s most advanced wet-vacuum DNA collection system, the M-Vac opens up cases and evidence to potential DNA profiles that were not available in the past. This new development is helping investigators solve more crime, including cold cases. In the Krystal Beslanowitch case, a recent highly publicized homicide cold case, the M-Vac System collected a full touch DNA profile from a rock.

“We are extremely pleased in our relationship with the Philadelphia Police Office of Forensic Science and look forward to the next steps,” stated Wayne Carlsen, Chief Operating Officer of M-Vac Systems. “As one of the largest public crime labs in the United States, the work they are doing with the M-Vac System is paramount for the credibility of the technology. When an experienced and professional lab produces results like this, it is very significant to the community. It shows why the M-Vac needs to be in every agency’s arsenal of forensic tools. It helps investigators solve crimes that otherwise may never be solved and that is something every victim deserves.”

The M-Vac System effectively collects micro-particles from rough, porous and smooth surfaces alike, and is capable of covering large areas which enables investigators to collect minute amounts of DNA material. The system is versatile, with applications at the crime scene, at the law enforcement agency facilities and in the crime labs. Training takes only a few hours. The M-Vac System is also distributed by Sirchie, a forensic supplies and equipment company based in North Carolina, who was instrumental in coordinating this comparison testing.

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