M-Vac Systems DNA collection device helps solve 18 yr old Beslanowitch case

M-Vac Systems DNA collection device helps solve 18 yr old Beslanowitch case

New wet-vacuum collects critical touch DNA from river rock that was used as a murder weapon. 

– M-Vac Systems, a leader in DNA collection technology, announced that its sampling device was instrumental in helping solve the 1995 murder of Krystal Lynn Beslanowitch.  Utilizing the M-Vac’s unique wet-vacuum approach, investigators collected enough touch DNA from a rock to generate a full profile and move the case forward.

At the time of the murder 18 years ago, then Detective Todd Bonner was dispatched to the scene and found the body of Beslanowitch, who had been bludgeoned with one of the rocks that lay near her body.  Many resources were devoted to solving the crime, but the evidence from the scene would not tell the story.  Krystal’s case went cold.

"It’s a case that’s haunted me for almost my whole career," said Bonner, now the Wasatch County Sheriff.  On September 17th 2013, Sheriff Bonner was able to close the loop - he tracked the suspect to Florida and personally put the handcuffs on Joseph Michael Simpson.

Referring to the process of collecting Simpson’s DNA from the rock, Cami Green of Sorenson Forensics stated “In forensics, that's fairly new technology. It is the most sensitive collection method we have at our disposal."

“The M-Vac System deploys a unique combination of sterile solution spray and vacuum that dramatically increases DNA uptake” said Jared Bradley, President of M-Vac Systems. “We are pleased to provide the device that helped solve this case.  Getting DNA from a cigarette butt is impressive, but collecting a full DNA profile from an 18 year old rock is amazing.”

Wasatch County worked closely with other police agencies, crime labs and prosecutors from around the State of Utah and Florida to make the arrest.  Joseph Simpson will be facing aggravated murder charges and extradited to Utah.

"There are many officers, analysts and agencies that need to be thanked for their part in solving the Beslanowitch homicide.” Sheriff Bonner stated. “Without a doubt, the M-Vac system is the major tool that allowed us to make critical DNA connections in this case." 

“Our hats are off to all of those involved in solving this crime, especially Sheriff Bonner” said Bradley.  “He never gave up, which is a credit to his profession and his Department.”

The M-Vac System is also referred to as a wet-vacuum sampling device, a vacuum-assisted instrument, and a forensics DNA vacuum.

Established in 2002, M-Vac Systems, Inc. creates, develops, and manufactures the patented DNA collection system for use by law enforcement agencies and crime labs. For more information, go to www.m-vac.com


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