M-Vac Systems Signs New Partners as New Awards Pile Up

M-Vac Systems Signs New Partners as New Awards Pile Up

M-Vac Systems Signs New Partners as New Awards Pile Up

Wet-Vacuum Forensic DNA Collection System Helps Investigators Solve More Crime

SALT LAKE CITY— October 14, 2014 — M-Vac Systems, Inc. today announced new partnerships and awards as demand grows for its breakthrough forensic DNA collection technology. M-Vac Systems provides the world’s most advanced wet-vacuum forensic DNA collection system that helps investigators solve more crime. In a highly publicized homicide cold case, the M-Vac System collected a full touch DNA profile from a rock. In another, the M-Vac was able to collect suspect DNA from a young female murder victim’s clothing, despite the victim and her clothing being submerged for up to 10 hours.

“As a leading distributor of innovative forensic products, we pride ourselves in representing the latest and most cutting edge equipment available,” stated Camille Foote, Business Development Manager - Forensics at Pathtech, a Melbourne, Australia based company. “Adding the M-Vac System to our portfolio absolutely made sense and we are excited to be demonstrating it to our customers. Many of them are anxious to test it and put it to work collecting DNA evidence and helping solve crimes.”

The M-Vac provides an increase in sensitivity and scalability, enabling investigators to collect DNA material where traditional methods fall short. Entering the forensics market in 2012, the company quickly garnered attention from law enforcement and forensic science professionals and has steadily increased its clientele since. The M-Vac System has also been shown on the hit TV show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and been scripted on The Mentalist.

The M-Vac System has earned recognition both nationally and internationally. Most recent awards include finalist for 2014 Utah Innovation Award and UVEF Innovation of the Year award. Boston University’s forensic DNA collection research highlighting the M-Vac System was also published in the September 2014 issue of the peer-reviewed Journal of Forensic Identification.

“Word is getting out, validating our product as a new, effective tool that should be in the arsenal of every major law enforcement agency and crime lab in the world,” says Jared Bradley, CEO for M-Vac Systems. “The MVac System helps investigators solve crimes that otherwise may never be solved. It collects forensic DNA material at levels the other methods can’t and from more difficult substrates. With this system, many cases that did not or would not have a DNA profile to go forward with now have a chance.”

M-Vac Systems’ distribution partner network continues to grow with agreements in place in the UK, Australia, China, South Africa, UAE and U.S. territories. These strategic integrators represent M-Vac Systems with active marketing in forensic DNA collection in homicides, rapes, sexual assaults, burglaries, armed assaults and other heinous crimes.

Among the partners and awarding agencies that M-Vac Systems discloses publicly are:

West Jordan PD is one of the largest and most progressive police departments in the Salt Lake Valley when it comes to DNA technologies and methodologies.

DNA Labs International, a private forensic DNA lab in Florida, specializes in forensic casework analysis for law enforcement agencies, attorneys and government forensic labs. 

Serological Research Institute is a nonprofit 501(c)3 California corporation providing a broad spectrum of support services and products to the forensic science community.

Sorenson Forensics provides forensic DNA casework services for federal, state and local crime laboratories; law enforcement agencies; and assists Officers of the Court in individual criminal cases. Sorenson is also the primary forensic lab for the hit reality TV show, Cold Justice.

Sirchie Forensics is the leading source for criminal investigation and forensic products and supplies, custom vehicles and accredited training to the law enforcement agencies around the world.

Intsika IT Solutions (South Africa), a key government contractor to the South Africa Police Services, actively represents the M-Vac System to the SAPS and surrounding law enforcement agencies.

West Valley City PD, another significant police agency in the Salt Lake Valley, prides itself in being cutting edge and was an early supporter of the M-Vac System.

Arapahoe County Sheriff was the first law enforcement agency in Colorado to purchase an M-Vac System with the intent of focusing on both cold and active cases.

WA Products (UK) is a European leader in the supply of forensic kits and consumable equipment that clients purchase “by choice, not just by necessity".

Pathtech, Ltd. (Australia) is an international distributor that works with premium international brands to provide their customers the best solutions available. This global access allows them to offer an extensive selection of equipment and consumables that cover all of the core forensic disciplines.

AGCU ScienTech (China) has become a leading supplier in China with advanced nucleic acid testing products and forensic technical solutions, including DNA collection.

SAT General Trading Co (UAE) has continuously developed and expanded its fields of activity so that today it can proudly present itself as one of the leading Analytical Instruments provider in the region.

Washington State Patrol Crime Laboratory Division operates five multi-service crime laboratories in Seattle, Tacoma, Marysville, Spokane and Vancouver. The laboratories, all ASCLD/LAB accredited, provide quality forensic services for criminal justice agencies within the state of Washington.

Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) is an independent, statewide agency that provides assistance to the state's criminal justice system in the areas of criminal investigations, forensic laboratory services and computerized criminal justice information.

About M-Vac Systems

M-Vac Systems is the world’s leader in wet-vacuum forensic DNA collection. Made in the USA and engineered to effectively collect micro-particles from rough, porous and smooth surfaces alike, the M-Vac System can cover a much larger area, enabling investigators to collect minute amounts of DNA material, including touch DNA cases. M-Vac Systems technology is the most innovative and capable forensic DNA material collection tool available for crime scene investigators, forensic scientists, sexual assault nurse examiners and other law enforcement specialists. The system is versatile, with applications at the crime scene, at the law enforcement agency facilities and in the crime labs. For a more detailed description of the product and validation data, visit Why M-Vac? on this website.