M-Vac System Plays Critical Role in John Brickman Wall Murder Case

M-Vac System Plays Critical Role in John Brickman Wall Murder Case

Unique DNA Collection Method Helps Investigators Solve Uta von Schwedler Murder


SALT LAKE CITY—March 18, 2015—M-Vac Systems Inc., today announced the significant role the M-Vac played in collecting critical forensic DNA from a pillowcase found at the murder scene of Uta von Schwedler.  The ensuing DNA profile matched former pediatrician, John Brickman Wall, Uta’s ex-husband.  Investigators utilized the M-Vac’s ability to collect DNA material from the fibers of the pillowcase, generating DNA evidence that was vital in identifying the killer.

“We were fortunate in this case to have an M-Vac System in our lab as a collection method as it was able to collect DNA where the other methods had failed,” says Daniel Hellwig, MSc., Lab Director of Sorenson Forensics.  “The M-Vac was able to provide us with a solid DNA sample, and coupled with our cutting-edge DNA processing, we were able to put together the genetic profile needed to move this case forward.”  

Prior to using the M-Vac System, investigators had tried the swabbing method, but court documents indicate that it did not collect enough DNA to produce a distinguishing profile. That’s when the investigative team decided to try the more robust wet-vacuum method.  The results made all the difference.

“Helping investigators solve crimes like the Wall case is the reason we are in business,” stated Jared Bradley, President of M-Vac Systems. “When the M-Vac produces a DNA profile that the other methods couldn’t it is amazingly fulfilling to all of us.  We certainly congratulate the investigators, prosecutors and forensics professionals who worked tirelessly to get this case to a guilty verdict.  We are extremely proud our DNA collection system was able to play a role in helping them get there.  Most importantly though is the closure Uta von Schwedler’s family can now obtain and move on with the healing.” 

The M-Vac System is being utilized by an increasing number of police agencies and crime labs both in the United States and internationally.  It can collect critical DNA evidence from a variety of surfaces at the crime scene, in the evidence processing facility or in the crime lab.  As the world’s most advanced wet-vacuum forensic DNA collection system, the M-Vac opens up cases and evidence to potential DNA profiles that were not available in the past.   

Defendant John Brickman Wall was tried in the 3rd District Court in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Case #131903972 FS.  The jury found the defendant guilty on March 12th, 2015.

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M-Vac Systems is the world’s leader in wet-vacuum forensic DNA collection.  Made in the USA and engineered for maximum collection capabilities, M-Vac Systems’ technology is the most innovative and capable forensic DNA material collection tool available for crime scene investigators, forensic scientists, sexual assault nurse examiners and other law enforcement specialists.  For a more detailed description of the product and validation data, visit http://m-vac.com/why-mvac.  Additional information and sales quotes can be obtained by contacting M-Vac Systems at 801-523-3962 or press@m-vac.com.  

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