Bardole DNA Collection Method
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Bardole DNA Collection Method

The following was developed by Francine Bardole, former CSI at West Jordan Utah Police Department, with support from M-Vac® Systems.  This page discusses the concept technique which was used on the case referenced below.  It is a method of separating and isolating DNA material from small evidence items. The application could include many items that are currently difficult to sample like shell casings, fingernail clippings, rings, gun parts, keys, bomb fragments and other small items. Here is the basic concept:

The Bardole Method™ Overview

  1. Shell Casing AgitationAdd sterile SRS buffer to a sterile collection bottle
  2. Place the evidence item in the bottle
  3. Agitate using a vortex type mixing device
  4. Attach a concentration filter to the SEC vacuum hose and turn ON the vacuum
  5. Swirl and pour the liquid portion of the collection bottle into the concentration filter cup
  6. If the evidence item is heavy or sharp, trap the item with a sterile instrumentFiltering a Shell Casing, so that is does not fall onto the filter membrane and potentially damage the integrity
  7. The DNA material is retained on the filter membrane
  8. When finished, remove the concentration filter from the vacuum tube and cover to dry

Later, when it is time to process the filter membrane, it will be cut out of the concentration filter apparatus and processed in the same manner as a swab or other DNA evidence gathering method is processed.

Continuing Research

Francine Bardole continues to independently refine and improve the Bardole Method™.  We would be happy to provide you with her contact information.

Adjudicated Case

Bardole Shell 2Ten casings from a road-rage shooting were processed using the method described above. The extraction quant yielded 0.847 ng of DNA. The amplified results yielded a comparable major profile that matched the suspect. The evidence as presented below was presented in court, challenged and accepted.Shell Casing Result Summary

You can also read about a case solved in Douglas County, Colorado, using this method: Shell Casings.