Articles of Clothing
Why M-Vac

Articles of Clothing

Two pieces of clothing material were sampled using the traditional swabbing method.  The items were sent to the lab twice and both times they came back with no profile.  This was a stabbing case, a female, stabbed multiple times and dumped in a ditch with water in a field.

The CSI on the case had seen the M-Vac™ at a conference.  He came back and discussed the technology with the detective and wondered if it might be useful.  They decided to move forward and contracted a collection with an agency who had an M-Vac™.

The evidence was sampled with the M-Vac™ and taken to the lab for amplification and analysis.  For the first time, they found male DNA.

Watch the video here (2 minutes & 45 seconds)  "Cold Case Homicide" 

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