HISTORY CHANNEL - The Hunt for the Zodiac Killer
Why M-Vac

HISTORY CHANNEL - The Hunt for the Zodiac Killer

Zodiac Murders - Suzanna Ryan Sampling with M-Vac

The M-Vac was used to collect DNA material in the recent investigation of the Zodiac murders. The second episode, aired November 21, 2017, and final episode, aired December 12, 2017, featured some of the sampling that was conducted.  Episode two ended with detectives linking up with DNA expert Susanna Ryan, who used the M-Vac on the pants of homicide victim Cheri Jo Bates.  The evidence was from 1966 and the M-Vac collected male DNA.  The details on the show can be found by clicking here or on the picture below.  The M-Vac can be seen in action in episodes 2 & 5.  In episode 2, the footage of the M-Vac begins at 4:20 minute marker.  In episode 5, there are two places where the M-Vac is featured, minute marker 21:29 and 33:00.  It is interesting to see how and where they use the M-Vac in this 51 year old case.

 Zodiak Murders - Sal LaBarbera, Ken Mains & Suzanna Ryan

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