CrimeCon 2018
Why M-Vac

CrimeCon 2018

CrimeCon - Pettler & McCollum (Leigh Egan)

On May 5 at CrimeCon, Dr. Laura Pettler of Laura Pettler and Associates and Sheryl McCollum of the Cold Case Investigative Research Institute had the opportunity to present the M-Vac.  Leigh Egan of CRIMEONLINE said, "As an audience packed into a ballroom at the 2018 CrimeCon convention in Nashville, McCollum and Pettler explained how the M-VAC causes material to release when applied to hard to reach surfaces, clothing, or anything else where potential DNA could be." 

Dr. Pettler stated, "The combination of the liquid and the vacuum create enough force to dislodge material, which is transported in the sterile liquid and collected in a sterile plastic bottle. The contents of the plastic bottle is then poured over a filter leaving only the material on the filter that will be tested for DNA and analyzed at the lab."  For the full story, feel free to click on the picture or the link below.

CrimeCon - Pettler (Leigh Egan)


"How to catch a killer with a vacuum" by Leigh Egan