Chris Tapp Speaks - How DNA Testing Set Him Free
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Chris Tapp Speaks - How DNA Testing Set Him Free

Chris Tapp

Chris Tapp made the Boise news again when he spoke at a Boise State University gathering and applauded their Idaho Innocence Project for their work on his case. Their years of work and particularly DNA testing led to his name being cleared and his release from prison in 2017. In the article, Tapp specifically credits that the M-Vac is what "sealed his release." At the time of the gathering, Tapp was still technically convicted for the 1996 murder of Angie Dodge, but about six weeks later he was formally exonerated of the crime. The actual killer in the case, Brian Dripps, has now been convicted of and sentenced for Angie's murder. 

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Innocence Project article

For an even more recent update with Chris Tapp, watch the All Things Crime podcast interview Jared Bradley did with Chris in November 2020.