New tech: DNA from Shell Casings
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New tech: DNA from Shell Casings

Shell casings at crime scene banner photoThe January 2022 issue of Evidence Technology Magazine has an article written by M-Vac™ user and DNA serology expert Francine Bardole. The article explains the technology she developed and refined for retrieving forensic DNA off of spent shell casings. The procedure is a spin-off of her extensive work with the M-Vac™. Her "revolutionary technique. . .can obtain 26% more DNA from spent shell casings than other methods." Additionally, her method does not damage the DNA or the rifling in the shell casing as some other methods do. Read the full article for more details, including a couple of cases where use of the Bardole Method made a positive difference in the outcome. She concludes with a basic overview of the technology of using the M-Vac™ in collecting forensic DNA evidence.

For more details on how the method works, see our Research Page "Bardole DNA Collection Method." 

And read about a case where this method was used and helped bring the perpetrator to justice on our Casework Page, "Shell Casings." 


January 2022 Evidence Technology Magazine (no longer available online since the magazine merged with Forensic Magazine)

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