Forensic® Magazine Highlights FBI Study
Why M-Vac

Forensic® Magazine Highlights FBI Study

The FBI recently completed an in depth study comparing M-Vac forensic DNA sample collection to traditional swabbing collection. Michelle Taylor of Forensic® picked up on the recently published results and summarized them in her online article. The FBI compared wet-swabbing to M-Vac's wet-vacuuming on 22 different substrates. They further tested 10 of the substrates for how much DNA the M-Vac could retrieve after a wet-swab sample had already been taken. The results were favorable for the M-Vac in both cases on most of the porous surfaces. The article is linked below for more details. Taylor ends her article asking "...what is the price tag for recovering previously undiscoverable DNA that leads to a case breakthrough?"


Taylor, Michelle. FBI Study: M-Vac System Collects More DNA Than Swabbing.

McLamb, Jessica M., Adams, Lara D., Kavlick, Mark F. Comparison of the M‐Vac® Wet‐Vacuum‐Based Collection Method to a Wet‐Swabbing Method for DNA Recovery on Diluted Bloodstained Substrates. Journal of Forensic Sciences.