M-Vac - A Significant Advance in DNA Technology
Why M-Vac

M-Vac - A Significant Advance in DNA Technology

In the fall of 2022, in an article about the case of Anand Syed* (sic), whose murder conviction was recently overturned, Syracuse University News mentioned the M-Vac™ as one of three significant advancements in DNA technology in the last twenty years that "have enabled scientists to re-examine evidence that previously did not provide probative information." The three technologies listed were "increased sensitivity in DNA analysis," "use of probabilistic genotyping software that enables better interpretations of mixtures," and "new methods for collecting DNA and cellular material from clothing such as the use of a wet-vacuum (M-VAC®) collection system." Additionally, they said of the advances, "we are seeing instances where they are being used to solve current cold cases as well as provide new, sometimes exculpatory results, in older cases that may have had limited forensic evidence providing probative information at the time of the original conviction." This is something we have also seen often with our customers who use the M-Vac™. See our Casework stories.

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*His name is actually Adnan Syed.



Syracuse University News