Cold Case Foundation - Francine Bardole
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Cold Case Foundation - Francine Bardole

A cold case is exactly that.  It is cold!  If it represented a trivial case, it wouldn't have the significant meaning that it has.  Typically when investigators refer to their cold cases, they are referring to cases that represent people that are missing or lives that have been lost and families who have no closure.  They are very sad and it is such a blessing when they can be closed.  There are many investigators out there who play their part in making a difference.  In this blog post, Francine Bardole discusses some of the methods she uses to help eliminate cold cases including her use of the M-Vac.  She is a CSI for West Jordan Police Department and is a member of the forensic team at the Cold Case Foundation.  To read her interview, please click on this link or the picture below.

Cold Case Foundation


"An Interview with Senior Crime Scene Investigator and Forensic Analyst Francine Bardole" - Hunt A Killer Blog

Image courtesy of the Cold Case Foundation