KTVB - Looking at DNA Technology
Why M-Vac

KTVB - Looking at DNA Technology

Looking at DNA technology used in Tapp case, release - Natalie Shaver - KTVB

The M-Vac™ was used to collect DNA material from items in the Angie Dodge murder case.  It found DNA on both her clothing and a stuffed animal that matched a stain that had also been found at the crime scene.  However, the DNA did not match Chris Tapp's DNA, who had been convicted 20 years earlier.  He was resentenced in a plea deal and released from prison.  The news story is of Chris Tapp being introduced to the M-Vac™ and shown how it works. Dr. Greg Hampikian of the Idaho Innocence project also comments on the M-Vac™'s role.

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For further updates on Tapp's story, see "Chris Tapp Speaks - How DNA Testing Set Him Free."

Reference: KTVB Channel 7, Natalie Shaver, Boise, April 25, 2017